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  a mission of the Just For Jesus Challenge Homeless Outreach Ministry

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Horse Faith Rescue and the Just For Jesus Challenge Homeless Outreach Ministry is dedicated to helping abandoned, abused, and neglected horses find a better and healthier life through God.

Would you (and your organization) like to donate to Horse Faith Rescue to help us give these horses a better life? Your donation would go to providing the horses with not only general care, but also food, food supplements and veterinary care.

Your donation could be financial in nature, but donations of actual products needed would be appreciated also.

We can provide updates on the rescue, or send you more information, if you would like.

We are also happy to provide information and answer any questions on the Just For Jesus Challenge Homeless Outreach Ministry.


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Weight Builder
Started: August 30, 2013
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Currently we have one horse in need of weight builder, if you would like to donate to the cause of the weight builder or other feeding needs it is greatly appreciated!

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